Beyond Traveling

I have collected bunch of fond memories and good dose of nostalgia over the past years in cities that are so dear to me — a meaningful honest to goodness conversation I had with a friend, an epiphany of some sort during my quiet time or just some random musing, a delectable dish that made me forgot my name for a while, an awesome movie or experience that I can’t stop to gush about, a spectacular scenery that made me in awe, a weekend well spent with love ones or friends, and all that’s in between — and I have kept records of those here.

> Manila – The capital city of The Philippines. The place where I was born and grew-up, and the place I will return to again and again — no matter what — because this place is home.

> Atlanta – The capital city of the USA’s state of Georgia. The place I consider as my home away from home, and the place that I know I will forever treasure in my heart of hearts.

> Dublin – The capital city of the Republic of Ireland. The place I call a melting pot, and the place where everyone is different yet everyone feels that they belong and that they’re welcome.

> New York – The capital city of the USA’s state of New York. The place that gives out a familiar and homey vibes, and the place where I don’t feel that I’m different and I free to be.


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