About Me

I’m not a good writer but I think I’m a fairly good planner. Well, I love to plan — a lot! Whenever I travel, I plan everything to the T. Some may find that boring or controlling, but surprisingly, my friends that I traveled with and those to whom I shared the itineraries that I made thought of the opposite. They appreciated my obsessive-compulsiveness, so much so that they’ve encouraged me to create a travel blog.

Some people say that wanderlust is something you’re born with. I’m not sure if that’s true for me, but what I’m sure of is that I started to feel it June of 2009 when I first traveled to the US by myself. That feeling never left and it began to take roots within me. Since then, my life has never been the same.

The union of my personality of being a planner and growing feeling of wanderlust within me gave birth to waltzing+wanderlust!

I’m Sherry Medina, and I’m from the Philippines. I am a software designer by profession, planner by aptitude, and traveler by passion. I do business trips for the company I’m working for from time to time and I do leisure trips with friends or family during my time offs. I love exploring other countries and cultures, seeing the wonders of nature and the gallant of the city, trying out something new and different, and listening to other people’s story of adventures. I usually travel on a budget. I have done my share of sleeping on bunk beds, flying with budget airlines, riding overnight buses, and eating instant noodles. But I also do backpacking with a touch of luxury – non-budget airlines, suite hotel rooms, executive lounges, continental breakfasts, and hors d’oeuvres with a glass of wine. Yes, I’m into classy yet affordable adventures and I’ll share to you how I do both through the pages of this site. Have fun looking around!


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