Spring in Busan, South Korea: Yongdusan Park and Cold Noodles at Night

Upon our arrival from Jinhae we meet up with Sue at a subway station and together we went to Yongdusan Park. Sue is Sam’s Korean friend who is based in Busan. Just like Clare, she met Sue when she was onsite for work in Canada while Sue was studying there.

To go to Yongdusan Park, take Busan Subway Line 1 to Nampodong Station and get out from Exit 1, the foot of the park is about 10 minutes walk from there. Leading up to it is a series of covered escalators which makes going up easier. Getting down, however, requires you to take the stairs.

The attractions at Yongdusan Park are as follows, but we weren’t able to see everything that’s listed since it’s already dark when we got there:
– Busan Tower, 120 meter high observatory tower
– Love locks, situated near the base of Busan Tower
– World Musical Instruments Museum
– Palgakjeong, a 3-story octagonal pavillion
– Statue of the great General Lee Sunsin
– Cheongdongyongtap, a 4 meter high bronze dragon tower
– Flower Clock that is 5 meters in diameter
– Busan Citizens’ Bell Pavilion

IMG_20150531_45 IMG_20150531_44 IMG_20150531_73 IMG_20150531_72

Entrance fee to the tower’s observation deck is 5,000 KRW. It is said to be one of the best spots to see Busan City in a sweeping panoramic view. It also has a souvenir shop, book cafe, rest area, convenience store, and a Sky Lounge that serves coffee and other beverages.
IMG_20150531_71 IMG_20150531_54 IMG_20150531_52IMG_20150531_65 IMG_20150531_64 IMG_20150531_62 IMG_20150531_60
IMG_20150531_77 IMG_20150531_58

After enjoying the view of Busan city at night. Sue brought us to a nearby naengmyeon (Korean cold noodles) restaurant. Cold noodles, what is that? Can you eat noodles served in an icy cold soup? Why serve it cold, don’t they want their noodles piping hot? I must say, it’s a dish we won’t try just by ourselves so it’s a good thing he brought us here, if not we would have missed this experience. It’s surprisingly good, a must try!
IMG_20150531_47 IMG_20150531_48

And that’s it for a night of hanging-out with Sue in Busan. We met, said our annyeonghaseyo’s, and parted ways at a subway station.
IMG_20150531_75 IMG_20150531_76


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