When in Atlanta: Celebrating My 26th Birthday at Cafe Intermezzo

It’s my 26th birthday and my 2nd to celebrate away from home and family, but still, with an awesome company of amazing friends. For the venue, it’s Cafe Intermezzo, The European Coffeehouse, since 1979. It is said to provide you a step back to Vienna over one hundred years ago, with sights, aromas, flavors, and sounds of the music that gives you rest. We went to the one at Dunwoody along Ashford-Dunwoody road across the Perimeter Mall, where we had a great time together.

Their menus hold a plethora of choices, including the Beverage Book, containing over 50 pages, with coffees, teas, many distinct beverages without alcohol, as well as liquors and liqueurs, wines and champagnes, and beers from many countries; pastry selections numbering over seventy on display at any given time; and breakfast, lunch, dinner and late-night cuisine choices of small and large plates, all house-prepared and originating from a variety of world cultures. The freedom of choice can help make a visit to the Café unique, with each guest having the ability to tailor her or his selections to their whims and fancies of the moment.

With my girl friends, Paige, Amy, Anjie, Jacinta, and Tracy.
IMG_20150530_30 IMG_20150530_34

With my best friends, Ariana and Tomasz.
IMG_20150530_29 IMG_20150530_36

Here are some of what we had..
Lasagna made of layers of pasta, Italian sausage, ground beef, ricotta cheese, and their hand made tomato basil sauce (15.50 USD), Mediterranean Flat Wrap made of soft pita bread with hummus, romaine hearts, tomatoes, Kalamata olives, red onions, red peppers, and feta cheese. (10 USD), and Turkey Club made of turkey, apple-wood smoked bacon, Roma tomatoes, provolone cheese, chopped lettuce and mayonnaise on fresh baked ciabatta (11.50 USD).
IMG_20150530_38 IMG_20150530_41

I can’t find their drinks menu online and I forgot what these are exactly called but the first one is their own version of Irish Cream, a cream liqueur based on Irish whiskey, cream, and other ingredients such as coffee. And the other one is their version Caipirinha, Brazil’s national cocktail, made with cachaca (Brazilian distilled alcoholic beverage), sugar and lime.
IMG_20150530_47 IMG_20150530_49

Key lime pie and Nutella-banana Crepe made of Italian hazelnut-chocolate spread with banana topped with walnuts (9 USD).
IMG_20150530_31 IMG_20150530_33

Apple pie and some kind of latte and coffee.
IMG_20150530_43 IMG_20150530_32

Service is practically absent. Food, beverage, desserts, atmosphere, and vibe were amazing and they make up for what was lacking. Overall, it was a pleasant dining experience that was made extra special by the presence of my friends.


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